Our Team

Our Team

Michael Urosev, CEO

Chicago, Illinois

Although my career has taken me to many places around the world, I was born in Chicago and consider it my home. Indeed, a deciding factor for basing our North American headquarters in “The City of Big Shoulders”, was to build upon Chicago’s long history as an important hub of agriculture and industrial activity. After years directing global supply chains in the scientific instrument business, I decided to merge my professional experience with my lifelong passion for cannabis. As a result, I get to work with a talented global team, as we strive to make important contributions in this exciting new market. When I am away from the office, my wife and I enjoy discovering new places to visit both near and far .Otherwise, I like cooking, gardening on my rooftop, listening to music and hanging out with our two feline friends – Bella and Kiki.

Sabin Cloud MacPhee, Sales Director

Bay Area, California

Growing up in the Emerald Triangle has given me a unique perspective on the culture and growth of the cannabis industry! I spent my formative years in Mendocino county and have been around cannabis since I could crawl! Passionate about botanical medicine, my varied roles have included retail management, account executive, regional sales manager, regional & national educator, sales and marketing strategist, international sales, and sales director. As such, I bring a high level of professionalism to the cannabis industry with an emphasis on diversity and education. It is my sincere belief that cannabis and certain psychedelics represent the next huge wave of holistic medicine for the people as well as the planet. By supporting the cannabis community through a professional platform, Holland Green Science is providing the invaluable service of tamping down stereotypes associated with cannabis while honoring the culture. This is one of the many reasons I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of the global Holland Green Science team. The sky's the limit from here!

Brittney Gore, Office Manager

Northwest Indiana

Hi! My name is Brittney and I’m the office manager for HGS, which means I do a little bit of everything. What I enjoy most about my role is that I get the opportunity to communicate and work alongside a variety of talented people, who are located all across the globe! HGS has allowed me to explore new areas of opportunity and strengthen my international business knowledge. When I’m not working I spend most of my time traveling with my husband. I love seeing new places and experiencing new cultures any chance I get. However, when we are home, I enjoy cooking and feeding my friends and family, especially my two rescue dogs.

Jennifer Wang, Technical Writer

Auburn, Alabama

Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer. I was born and raised in China and came to America to follow my dreams. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and until recently I worked for several cutting-edge, high-tech companies. But I longed for an opportunity to use both my technical skills and language skills – and HGS was it!
Since arriving at HGS, I’ve been involved with the creation and translation of various technical documents and produced several short promotional videos for our company. What I love about the job is that it challenges me both intellectually and creatively. In my spare time I love to play the violin and spend time with my husband and our greyhound, Harper.

Chun Barry, Product Development & Service Engineer

Bay Area, California

Hello! Call me Chun. I lead the HGS technical services and product development teams. I have been a part of the cannabis industry since I was 18, in various positions and roles, which has left me with a vast amount of cannabis experience and knowledge. From growing, harvesting, to all your processing needs, I’m here to help! I grew up in Louisiana and moved to San Diego, California when I was a freshman. From there, I worked my way up the California coastline and eventually landed in Northern California. I have worked with many of the top cannabis labs and capital goods companies in the industry. A natural born “problem solver” I look forward to helping support your project!