Four Questions With Holland Green Office Manager Brittney Gore

Four Questions With Holland Green Office Manager Brittney Gore

With a background in teaching English literature, Brittney Gore did not start her career imagining she’d end up in the cannabis industry. But after returning to school to earn an MBA during the COVID-19 pandemic, new opportunities were abound. And when she was hired as Holland Green Science’s Office Manager, Brittney’s two professional interests, education and operations management, dovetailed in a whole new way.

As Holland Green Science’s Office Manager, Brittney puts her teaching and organizational skills to work, facilitating everything from HR-related responsibilities like employee onboarding to leading the R&D team to ensure all business plans are properly developed and executed. Learn more about Brittney’s background, how she got into the cannabis industry, and what excites her about the future of Holland Green Science.

Q: What motivated you to return to school and get your MBA?

Brittney Gore (BG): My background is in education, my Bachelor’s is in English literature and secondary education. Before coming to Holland Green Science, I taught high school English in Indiana. After four years, I knew I wanted out of the classroom, but I didn’t want to take on a disciplinary role in a school, which is typically what happens when you get promoted in education.

I always knew I would go back to school but never had the right time or place to do it. When COVID-19 hit, I had some time to focus on myself and decide what was best for me and decided to pursue an advanced degree. I chose to go into project management because, with my teaching background, I’m good at organizing people and teaching people. I enjoyed those courses and knew they would benefit me, regardless of where my next steps would take me.

Q: How does your education background inform your current role in cannabis?  

BG: To me, it’s such a crazy idea that you end your education after college. We’re always learning, and in the cannabis industry, there’s so much opportunity and necessity for continuing education. My old students would roll their eyes because I would always say, “we’re lifelong learners,” but it’s true!

At Holland Green Science, we are a human-focused company, and we’re growing both as individuals and as an industry. If we’re unwilling to learn and grow from different opinions and ideas, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Having an educational background also reminds us that it’s OK to keep learning, and the cannabis industry is at a crucial growth point that we are shepherding as a company.

At Holland Green Science, we are a startup, so we are huge on learning and meeting people and growing and being a global company, as well. That’s another thing to be open to. Not everything will go the American way – different parts of the world do things differently, and we all stay open to what’s new and out there.

Q: Why does the cannabis industry need more educators?   

BG: The more I read about the cannabis industry, I think it needs more teachers. First and foremost, it’s business, and it requires organized people who are willing to use their voice in a professional, approachable way. Not to mention, cannabis has this stigma we need to get rid of as well. The best way to address stigma ist hrough education – what this plant is, how it can heal people, and its potential to truly change the planet. Plus, I’m in good company at Holland Green Science – Michael [Urosev, Founder and CEO] is a former teacher as well.

Q: What excites you most about the cannabis industry’s future?

BG: What motivates me and excites me most about the cannabis industry – and Holland Green Science’s role in the cannabis industry – is the “unknown” element of it all, in a very positive way. I’m excited to be part of a team that’s willing to take calculated risks and make the right moves to bring the cannabis extraction portion of the industry into the serious global presence that it will become in the next few years.

Being an international branch, I love the idea of getting the opportunity to travel soon. I taught world literature for a few years, and I love the idea of experiencing other cultures that have entirely different backgrounds than mine. That alone is such an awesome experience that I know I’ll value it for my entire life.

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