Four Questions with Jennifer Wang, Engineer and Technical Writer

Jennifer Wang came to America in 2005 to pursue a career in engineering. After earning her degrees and working with some of the world’s largest companies, Jennifer set out in search of an opportunity for her to utilize her background and education in a smaller, collaborative environment. Learn more about Jennifer’s background, what she does for Holland Green Science, and how she transitioned from corporate to cannabis.

Q: What was your introduction to the cannabis industry?

Jennifer Wang (JW): My introduction to the cannabis industry comes through CBD oil. My Greyhound, Harper, needed an amputation of one of her hind legs, and she was in a lot of pain. I searched for things that could help ease her pain, and I learned about CBD oil. This was a few years ago, so I had to search online to find somewhere to buy it.

Q: How does your engineering background shape your work with Holland Green Science?

JW: I have my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering and previously spent several years working for world-class global computing companies. There, I managed a lot of software programming and documentation. This documentation is extremely important for compliance.

With engineering jobs, you have to think like a machine and document extensively, or three months later, you won’t remember what you did. I wanted to branch out, and at Holland Green Science, I feel like I can think like a human. I deal more with people rather than with codes, and I love exploring that part of my professional talent.

I’ve also always been interested in language and culture and wanted a job where I can utilize my skills. I’d been searching LinkedIn and came across this ad for Holland Green Science. They needed someone who had a technical background and could communicate well with global manufacturers. “That’s me!” I thought.

Q: What does your day-to-day look like at HGS?

JW: As the engineer and technical writer, I am in charge of keeping all the documents, user manuals, and service manuals at Holland Green Science.

Being that we are an international company, I do a lot of translating and communicating with our partners. When materials come in, I review them, sort them out, extract useful information, translate, edit into our format, and publish.

At Holland Green Science, I feel respected as a professional and trusted to get tasks done on time. I can’t help but reciprocate the trust when I’m treated that way. I feel motivated because I don’t want to forfeit that trust. I’m also thankful to be in an environment where the staff wants to uplift women in STEM fields.

Q: As Holland Green Science prepares for compliance standards to reshape the cannabis industry, what role does your work play in that process?

JW: I think my role is key. In my previous positions as an engineer, I worked with products that required very rigorous certification processes as well as extensive documentation, which is vital to compliance. With that, I gained experience in excellent documentation. First, you have to know what documentation you must provide; then, you must complete that documentation thoroughly. We were audited pretty much every year with my previous company, so you learn to prepare for that.

With my previous work experience with big and formal companies, there is a structure of how you do things. Coming into this industry, knowing how to bring a project from an idea into an actual product is a big asset for me. I have a mindset rooted in attention to detail and consider all possibilities.

Holland Green Science is a new company, and I like the kind of environment that comes with a small company. I barely knew anybody at my old, huge company. Here, even though we work remotely, I feel like we have a deeper connection to each other than that of a big corporation.

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