Vape Cartridge Fillers: The Complete Guide

Vape Cartridge Fillers: The Complete Guide

Filling vape cartridges with cannabis oil by hand is a non-starter for any manufacturer that wants to produce cartridges with precision, eliminating waste of precious extract. That’s why there are vape cartridge fillers to simplify the filling process and guarantee a consistent product across all cartridges. Vape cart fillers also streamline production time and reduce the risk of human error or contamination, both of which could result in costly waste.

Vape cartridge fillers are designed to improve the quality and efficiency of your existing process. However, it’s important to choose the right equipment for the job to actually realize these benefits. If you’re in the market for a vape cartridge filler, make sure you select top-quality equipment that is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ready, so that your extraction lab is well-positioned for the future of the rapidly-expanding global cannabis industry.

What are vape cartridge fillers?

Vape cartridge fillers are designed to inject cannabis oil into vaporizer cartridges that consumers can easily affix to a battery. Creating a vape cartridge requires cannabis manufactures to fill the small canisters with a specified amount of extract or oil, typically 0.5 grams or 1 gram of material. Because filling vape cartridges is a process that requires consistency and accuracy, this process is a great candidate for automation.



What are the benefits of vape cartridge fillers?

Vape cartridge fillers can help extractors do more in less time, producing more vape cartridges while freeing up resources to focus on other pressing tasks. Here’s a look at some of the benefits vape cartridge fillers offer extraction labs:

  • Increased efficiency: Vape cartridge fillers make a time-consuming and tedious process more efficient and precise. By using a vape cartridge filler, extraction lab personnel can finish the task more quickly without sacrificing precision, enabling them to soon turn their attention to higher order tasks that require careful attention, like monitoring production runs to develop more extracts.
  • Improved consistency and overall product quality: Vape cartridge fillers offer a greater level of precision in the production process, eliminating the risk of human error diminishing quality or leading to unintentional contamination. In this way, vape cartridge fillers offer a consistent, quality product that ensures customer satisfaction and saves on production costs.
  • Temperature control: An important aspect of vape cartridge fillers is their ability to reliably and accurately heat oil to a level where it can easily fill a cartridge but won’t diminish the overall product quality. High heat can damage terpenes and cannabinoids, so the trick is to warm the oil evenly without overdoing it — making sure a vape cartridge filler can be easily set to the right temperature is a must.

The benefits of vape cartridge fillers are clear, but like all equipment in a cannabis extraction facility, it is also important to understand exactly how vape cartridge fillers achieve these benefits.

Learn more about the Magma vape cartridge filler by Holland Green Science

Magma, Holland Green Science’s vape cartridge filler, offers customers the option to choose from 25mL and 50mL sizes to shorten fill times and increase production rates. These vape cartridge fillers are convenient to set up, easy to use, and available at an affordable price relative to other options on the market.

The Magma offers a typical filling speed of 100 cartridges in less than 5 minutes, as well as a large diameter nozzle for fast and accurate dispensing, and a transparent cylinder to more easily monitor filling levels. The Magma also features adjustable temperature control with a heat-up time of only 3 minutes, meaning you can get your products on the shelves and in customers’ hands even faster than ever before.

Importantly, the Magma vape cartridge filler is GMP ready, like all Holland Green Science products. That means you can use it in your extraction process with the security of knowing that it will only help your lab achieve GMP accreditation when the time comes.

How do vape cartridge fillers work?

Vape cartridge fillers use a heater control, piston, and precision dropper to fill cartridges with a specified amount of cannabis oil. Here’s a closer look at how each component works and what it does:

  • Heater control: Because heat is needed to reduce the viscosity of cannabis oil enough to flow through the needle and into the cartridge, a heater control is used to maintain the correct temperatures. Oils with higher viscosity require higher heat.
  • Piston: Cartridge fillers rely on a piston to inject cartridges with cannabis oil. The piston applies pressure to the oil loaded into the vape cartridge filler in order to push it out.
  • Precision dropper: The precision dropper is where the oil comes out. It is used to ensure that a precise, exact amount of oil is injected into each cartridge.  

Before vape cartridge fillers like the Magma existed, people used typical syringes to fill cartridges. Without proper vape cartridge fillers, the process can be extremely tedious and often imprecise, with poor handling techniques leading to issues like contamination.

How to use a vape cartridge filler

To use a vape cartridge filler, a manufacturer must manually interface with the device. This is done through a few steps.

  1. Use the internal heater to warm up your cannabis extract to the correct temperature for filling.
  2. Once the oil is in liquid form, extract the oil into the cylinder.
  3. Use the piston to inject the cannabis oil into cartridges through the large-diameter nozzle.

While all vape cartridge fillers are built a little bit differently, most require steps similar to the above listed.

Why choose vape cartridge fillers from Holland Green Science?

At Holland Green Science, providing safe, reliable and GMP ready extraction equipment for all consumers is our top priority. That’s why we’ve taken all the proper measures and precautions in order to offer quality equipment that meets and even surpasses the necessary certifications, and safety standards of the industry.

With customer service at the forefront of our brand, purchasing from HGS ensures that you will have everything you need to not only maintain your operation but to grow within the rapidly-expanding industry.

When you work with Holland Green Science, you can expect:

  • Products informed by years of experience in cannabis extraction, engineering, and global supply chain management
  • Global market leadership experience to help you prepare for expansion
  • A staff of friendly experts who serve the cannabis industry with passion and first-hand knowledge
  • 24 to 48 hour turnaround time assistance when service is needed

For more information, contact Holland Green Science to speak with a sales executive about the Magma vape cartridge filler or any of our other GMP-ready cannabis extraction equipment.

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