Aqua Vitae Max 5L

Aqua Vitae Max 5L


The Aqua Vitae Max Digital Rotary Evaporator is an essential tool for the efficient and gentle evaporative removal of solvents such as ethanol from winterised crude oil.

The system is highly efficient and easy to use. The bath temperature of up to 180°C covers all common solvents and even allows for in-evaporator decarboxylation if required.


  • cTUVus and CE rated
  • Safety coated glassware to protect users in case of glass breakage
  • Temperature overheat protection at 220°C
  • Run-dry protection, automatically powers off if operating without any water/oil in the heating bath
  • Automatic motor lift releases the evaporating flask to a safe position in case of power failure

Features & Benefits:

  • Digital display of both rotation speed and heating temperature allows for optimal control of all distillation processes
  • 5L heating bath with a wide temperature range from room temp. to 180°C with water/oil heating mode
  • Speed range of 20 to 280 rpm with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation
  • Patented condenser (cooling surface 1,700 cm2 ) with excellent cooling thus solvent recovery performance
  • Flask release mechanism ensures easy removal of evaporating flask
  • Patented double spring sealing ring made of PTFE provides excellent sealing performance
  • Remote control function via PC control including data transmission

Technical details

  Aqua Vitae Max 5L
HGS SKU Number 10206006
Evaporation Flask Volume Up to 5 litres
Water Bath Volume 5 litres
Voltage [VAC] 100-120/200-240
Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Power [W] 1400
Motor External Rotor Brushless Motor
Speed Range [rpm] 20-280
Speed Display LCD
Reversible Direction of Rotation Yes
Temperature Range [°C] RT -180
Heat Control Accuracy[°C] Water: ±1°C Oil: ±3°C
Temperature Display LCD
Heat Output [W] 1300
Lift Motor
Stroke [mm] 150
Timer [mm] 1-999
Dimensions [DxWxH, mm] 564x457x583
Weight 19.58 kg / 43.17 lbs
Ambient Temperature [°C] 5-40
Relative Humidity 80%
Evaporation Flask Connection NS24/40
Receiving Flask Connection KS35/20
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