Xiros 2


Our range of Xiros high performance freeze dryers are commonly used in the global pharmaceutical industry and have been sold over 5,000 times around the globe.
The system is highly versatile and will be customized to your needs. Our units range from 10 kg ice condenser capacity per 24h up to 1,000 kg and beyond. All machines are available (EURO or FDA) GMP ready.


  • ETL and CE rated

Features & Benefits:


  • GB-150/PED/ASME Code Pressure Vessel optional
  • All chamber edges and corners are rounded to facilitate easy cleaning
  • High performance condenser coils are made from polished and AISI-304L stainless steel tubing
  • Chamber – optional condenser isolation valve for pressure rise test to confirm process completion in-situ

Refrigeration System

  • Modular design to achieve reliable and high efficiency production
  • World-class refrigeration units ensure reliability with long service life
  • Each compressor has an independent circuit to cool shelves or condenser
  • Environment friendly HFC refrigerant: free of CFC and HCFC
  • Optional liquid nitrogen cooling

Vacuum System

  • Vacuum pump plus mechanical booster pump (for large scale freeze dryers) used to achieve better vacuum, (i.e. less than 0.01 mbar vacuum).
  • Vacuum anti-suck valve closes automatically in case of power outage to preserve product vacuum environment
  • Vacuum pump: Edwards® or equivalent
  • Optional Edwards® or equivalent dry pump to avoid product contamination from back-streaming vacuum oil
  • Vacuum gauge: MKS® capacitance manometer or Edwards® APG-MP vacuum gauge
  • Vacuum control: Needle valve or MKS® PID control valve

Control System

  • Optional 21 CFR Part 11 and cGAMP compliance
  • Access control according to authority levels
  • Audit trail records user actions and changes to process parameters
  • Manual or automatic control available
  • Recipe management
  • PLC/Touch Screen: Omron®/Siemens®/AB®

Technical details

  Xiros 2
HGS SKU Number 10407001
Power Specification 480V 60 Hz 3ph – 19 KW
Equipment Size (L*W*H) 2000 x 1400 x 2640 mm
Weight (approx.) 2,500 kg
Maximum Ice Capacity 10kg
Minimum Ice Condenser temperature -45°C
Shelf Stack up to 7 shelves with 1 upper radiant shelf shelf spacing 51 mm
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