The Aeolus touch-screen vacuum controller displays and controls the process pressure in your system to automatically perform your process via two-point vacuum control. This dramatically reduces labor required to run processes such as ethanol evaporation or short past distillations. The controller is able to run a single point control or you can perform a multiple step process as often facilitated in short path distillations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large 5” TFT touch screen
  • Wide measurement and control range of 1 – 1,000 mbar
  • Two control modes – single-point control plus programmed ramp control  
  • Capable of storing up to 5 programs, each containing up to 5 segments
  • All parts in contact with product or solvent are made of PTFE, ceramics or other high-performance materials
  • Built-in vent valve for inert gas vent
  • One-stroke decompression allows easy installation and dismantling of the vacuum system
  • Save energy by shutting down the vacuum pump in line with process control

Technical Details

HGS SKU Number 10209001
Power Specification 120V 50/60Hz 1ph – 600W
Max power output 500W
Vacuum Setting Range 1-1000 mbar
Vacuum Measurement Range 1-1000 mbar
Control Operation Mode Single-Point Control Mode, Ramp Control Mode
Ramp Control Mode Can store up to 5 programs, each containing up to 5-steps to control pressure and time
Display 5” TFT Touch Screen
Sensor Overload Pressure 1,500 mbar
Vacuum Connector 8 mm
Product Exposed Materials PTFE, PP, Silicone and Ceramics
Dimension[D×W×H] 189 × 207 × 193 mm
Weight 4 kg
Operating Environment 10℃ ~ 40℃,80% RH
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