Aether Series


The Aether series Vacuum Pump is a high speed, motor direct drive, dual-stage oil sealed rotary vane pump. Suitable for use with inactive gases within the scope of low vacuum with a small amount of non-condensable gas


  • High Reliability
  • High Flow Rate
  • Low Ultimate Pressure
  • A Low Noise Level
  • No Oil Spray / Leaks
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Comes with Pump Oil


  • UL and CE rated
  • Over-temperature protection

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable gas ballast valve to optimize vapor tolerance whenever condensable vapor is pumped
  • Oil anti-suck back valve to prevent oil contamination of your application with pump oil
  • Forced oil circulation system maintains constant oil pressure and supply for better pump life
  • Simple maintenance with minimal parts

Technical Details

  Aether 16 Aether 30
HGS SKU Number 10611004 10611005
Power Specification 110V 60HZ 1ph – 1100W 110V 60HZ 1ph – 1100W
Displacement Speed m3/h 19.2 36
Ultimate Partial Pressure Gas Ballast Closed (Pa) 0.04 (Pa) 0.04
Ultimate Total Pressure Gas Ballast Closed (Pa) 0.4 (Pa) 0.4
Ultimate Total Pressure Gas Ballast Open (Pa) 0.8 (Pa) 0.8
Inlet and Exhaust Connection KF25 KF25/40
Oil Capacity (L) 0. 9 to 1.5 1.3 to 2.0
Ambient Temperature 10 – 40 °C 10 – 40 °C
Noise Level (dB) ≤58 ≤58
Net Weight (kg) 33.1 34.7
Dimensions (D x W x L) 530 x 188 x 272 mm 567 x 188 x 272 mm
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