Scroll pump is a new kind of oil-free mechanical pump with features of simple construction, good sealing, high vacuum etc. as a high technology product, it has highly technical requirement in design and manufacture. With benefits of low consumption, long working life, high reliability, and low noise, it has incomparable advantages in the application of clean process and has been popularly used in the market. Anemos series scroll dry pumps are with excellent performance and obvious price competitiveness, which are introduced by HGS for the characteristics of downstream application.


  • CE Certified

Features & Benefits:

  • Less leakage, high compression ratio and stable pumping speed in a wide pressure range
  • Symmetrical and simple design, so the vibration noise is low and the reliability is high
  • Working in an oil-free environment, no pollution to the container, condensable gas can be pumped out

Technical Details

HGS SKU Number 11111008
Nominal Rotation Speed 1800 rpm
Displacement 12 m3/h
Ultimate Vacuum 0.008 mbar
Motor Power 400 W
Voltage Input 1-phase 220V
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 430 x 255 x 290
Noise Level (dB(A)) 54
Inlet Flange NW 25
Exhaust Flange NW 25
Max Water Vapour Pumping Rate 100 gh-1
Leak Tightness < 1×10-6 mbar·l/s
Weight (kg) 28
Cooling System Air-cooled
Operating Temperature  
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