Commercial Ice Water Extraction

Commercial Ice Water Extraction


Automating and scaling solventless extraction is becoming more and more popular, to meet the needs of commercial extraction throughput Hashatron's commercial series automated extraction systems are a powerful yet easy to use single operator system. All commercial series washer utilizes a triple wall chilled and insulated main wash vessel with 100% duty cycle servo motor to drive Hashatron's patent pending modular removable stainless steel wash basket eliminating the need for fragile nylon wash bags or time consuming clean out of your agitation vessel compared to standard bottom/overhead agitated tanks.

The stainless-steel modular wash basket also allows for unmatched filtration during wash cycles as well as water removal of spent product once the wash cycle is complete by allowing the operator to spin out water from waste product prior to disposal or further extraction. To eliminate the need for ice during your wash cycle our engineered pre chill vessels use an integrated mixer and heat exchanger to rapidly cool incoming water to 32degF to be utilized for filling of the wash vessel.

All commercial series washers come standard with Hashatron's patent pending triple wall chilled full mesh nesting vibratory sieves set with four removable sieves enabling the operator higher flow of water and reduced screen binding during collection over conventional flat stack type vibratory screens or bubble bags. Hashatron full spectrum connect package enabled on all commercial wash systems seamlessly connects the washer to any Wave HSF model freeze dryer as well as enables the user full remote access and data tracking of the entire wash & collection system.

Hashatron offers complementary no hassle consultation and quotation for all commercial wash systems ensuring that the equipment we supply is properly sized for your facility avoiding any unforeseen issues during the installation process.


  • Removable wash filter basket offered in various microns
  • Closed loop washing and collection system
  • Fully electric design does not require any costly compressors to operate and maintain
  • No consumable gasses or solvents required
  • Compact footprint
  • Single operator design
  • Remote trouble shooting and diagnostics

Standard Features:

  • Triple wall pre chill vessel to eliminate the use of ice
  • Triple wall wash vessel power actuated lid
  • 100% duty cycle brushless servo motor
  • Modular interchangeable wash basket
  • Power actuated valves
  • Triple wall full mesh stainless steel sieve trichome collection system
  • Rotating powered wash basket lift arm
  • Single stage G&D glycol chiller
  • 18” touch screen PLC with remote tablet operation
  • Hashatron full spectrum connection package with building interface and WIFI access

Recommended Fresh Frozen Capacities Per Hour:

  • 50 System Gallon 22,000 grams
  • 80 System Gallon 32,000 grams
  • 100 System Gallon 44,000 grams
  • 150 System Gallon 62,000 grams
  • 200 System Gallon 90,000 grams
  • Custom capacities available upon request

Optional Equipment:

  • Wash basket clean out station
  • Spare wash baskets
  • CIP System
  • Ozone wastewater reclamation system
  • RO water filtration & storage systems
  • Commercial Concentrate freeze dryer
  • Prefabricated washrooms
  • Commercial Rosin presses
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